Why Garnet?

Mudder's Portrait
Marjory Goar

The name Garnet Prose + Projects is in honor of my maternal grandmother, as Garnett is one of her family names. Marjory Goar, who I called “Mudder,” was a dynamic person, engaged in life through travel, dance, horseback riding, yoga, and her family.

Of particular inspiration to me is the fact that she wrote a book and got it published while she was in her sixties. Entitled Marble Dust, it is a work of historical fiction about the life of Elizabet Ney, a celebrated German-American sculptor who broke barriers for women during the 1800s.

When I imagine the legacy I’d like to leave, I often think of Mudder. I am grateful that this treasured ancestor lived to be 98 years old and was able to see my career bloom.

An added layer to the choice of the name Garnet is the fact that garnet is known as a stone of truth and commitment, both of which I practice in my work.

~ Ami Worthen